When Andrea and I flew to Japan, we had a vision to carry in Italy BANDOU TAROU, otherwise know as the Akita to most of the world. As guests of Mr. K. Shirai, during our permanence, we have received attentions and regard which are reserved only to friends of old date. The emotions we had were strong when the BANODU TAROU first appeared in the room with Mr. Shirai. The Akita that appeared was far more spectacular in person compared to the pictures that we had seen before our departure. The eyes were little slices with the inclination perfectly angled, a full red tail, a posterior thorax and hair so intense that it seemed designed to a perfect ellipse. What was more evident was the pride and confidence that the animal emitted from its perfectly balanced movements.
The picture was complete after noticing the proud smile on Mr. Shirai's face. In the following days our host took us to various breeding grounds introducing us to puppies, including the prestigious multi-champions, which are renowned in Japan. Our determination led us to negotiate for the purchase of BANDOU. Mr Shirai, being a loyal and proud man, but with hesitation,  agreed to  giving us the dog even though it was a very hard and painful decision to make.
We then were guests of the most important directors of the JKC in the office of Mr. Takemi Nagamura, president of the Kennel Clubs of Asia. When we told him the news of our purchase and we noticed the shock and impact of such news. The news was then confirmed by several phone calls and was made clear that it represented a big loss for the Japanese world. The one regret of such an amazing trip was the learning experience on the day we left. That day Mr. Shirai confided to us that he spent all afternoon apologizing to his dog, asking him to forgive him for letting him go. He also told us that Bandou is the dog that he was waiting for an entire life. A magnificent stallion, carrying the antique pride of the Akita breed, a one in million type dog. Witnessing the sorrow of this man, and him being so well known in the Akita community, we felt a little guilty for causing the separation. After a big hug we promised him that Bandou Tarou, to us, will always be the dog of Shirai Su. Since the beginning, judges end experts have expressed their admiration for this dog and they have confirmed to us that we brought to Italy a very special dog. With the commitment that we have made to this dog we are certain that we will help improve the breeding in Italy and Europe. Ferrari William
In the picture:

Ferrari William: first from right

M. YOSHINAGA: second from right

Mr. J. AWASHIMA: third from right

Andrea Bordone: forth from right
of Mr. Shirai
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The Trip to Japan, April 2006